Sgt Rock Lives

Season 11 Episode 2

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for! Master car builder, Stacey David, shows off the truck that’s had the nation talking for ten years! Take a look back at the kid with the dream. Follow the design and fabrication. See what happens when the military tribute vehicle rolls out and conquers the road! This episode is gonna be epic! It’s been a long road, but anything worth doing well is worth the wait. This week, the wait is over. Sargeant Rock Lives!

Released January 14, 2017

Partners & Products in this episode

Predator Monster Truck

Nitrogen Shocks

Indy Cylinder Head

605 CI Max Wedge


Dominator Fuel Injection

Advance Adapters

Atlas II Transfer Case

Bowler Transmission

727 Automatic Transmission

Stainless Works

Headers & Exhaust System

Cliff Dagle

Cliff Dagle

Angry Ram & Pin-Ups Paintings

Mickey Harris

Mickey Harris

Tailgate Painting

Carolina Driveline

Rear Driveshaft

Woodward Fab

WAYWO: Bench Vice Giveaway

O'Reilly Auto Parts

WAYWO: Gift Card Giveaway

WAYWO Winner



TN Eletric Guitar

Sgt Rock Guitar


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