Old Dog – New Truck: Redoing your Truck Interior

Season 10 Episode 6
RELEASED april 2, 2016

Ever wonder why your wife or best buddy won’t step foot in your late model truck? It could be that crusty interior. Tag along as Stacey takes on the sights and smells of an ’83 Chevy in dire need of some attention. From new dash to leather on the bench seat and new carpet in the floor, Stacey shows you what a difference a weekend and some parts from LMC can make. Speaking of trucks, Stacey raises the bar with a bed lifter that will make you the most popular guy in your neighborhood. A new buffer is going to help add some shine to your vehicle and a creeper that’s simply “Magic” is sure to raise an eyebrow or two. Big things are happening in the garage this week on GearZ.

LMC Truck

'83 Chevy Pickup Interior: Dashboard, Stainless Dash Trim Insert, Instrument Bezel + Insert, Door Panels, Leather Bench Seat Upholstery, Carpet & Soundproofing, Headliner, A-Pilar Replacement Trim, Bowtie Floormats, Kick panel carpet inserts, Sill Plates, Door Weatherstripping

Por 15

Rust Preventative Coating


LVP Paint

Proline Tool & Supply

Motor City Lift King

Wizards Products

Big Throw 21" Buffer, SSR System: Mystic Cut Compound, Microfiber Pad, Foam Pad, Nano Wax

Magic Creeper

Painless Performance

Trail Rocker System

O'Reilly Auto Parts

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Woodward Fab

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