On the Road – ’67 Ford

Season 10 Episode 11
RELEASED July 2, 2016

Cheetah lovers will be excited to see Stacey’s solution to keeping the headers both cool and looking red hot. Want to keep using your stock tank after converting to fuel injection? Get psyched, because Holley has a new fuel pump that’s going to make your life a whole lot easier. Think your car is buttoned up tight? Stacey and some friends from Redline Detection blow smoke at the old soap and water test and show you how to really test for leaks in your vehicle. It’s a world of problems out there, but Stacey’s got you covered in the garage. All this and more, this week, on GearZ.

LMC Truck

'67 Ford Body Trim
Tailgate & Latches
Taillight Assembly
Steering Column
Wood Steering Wheel


Bronze Ceramic


Universal In-Tank Fuel Pump

Redline Detection

Power Smoke Pro & Adapter Kit

Medina Foods

Goldrush Beef Jerky

West Coast Classic Cougar

Plasma LED Taillight Bulbs

Woodward Fab

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O'Reilly Auto Parts

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