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  1. I am the chaplain at Placerville Speedway in Placerville California. If you were ever in Northern California I would love to have you be my guest on a Saturday night for some dirt track racing in a comfortable air-conditioned booth! It’s a quarter mile high bang dirt track that runs 360 sprints, late models, pier stocks, mini trucks and we have several different guest divisions throughout the year.
    We used to live in Atoka Tennessee near Memphis and hopefully will be moving back there soon!
    Love your show, keep up the good work!
    Sorry if there are some miss spellings in this message. I have to speak all of my messages because I am almost totally blind.

  2. Catalog Camaro, when do we get to see the rear modification? Can’t wait! Looks like a project I’m willing to dive into.

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      Hey Mark,
      I don’t have an exact date but I know you’ll see more of this build in upcoming episodes! Thanks for watching.

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