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  1. Resto rod! I like the new hemi idea and all the modern drive line and suspension parts. Go all through the interior with leather. Chop the top just enough to put some rake in it but not overdone. Spray it with a classy paint job but use all the stock badges and emblems.

  2. i would hot rod the 1935 plymouth i thank i would put a new hemi and 5speed im working on a 1936 plymouth coupe that is a street rod im putting a 340 and a 5 speed in it

  3. That was my dads first car when he married my mom. After the family cam (8 kids) so came the station wagon (55 ford with overdrive) the car was set in the back yard. One day a fella came by and offered my mom a few dollars for it and she sold it while dad was at work. He talked about that car till the day he passed away. It would be a great car to make a sleeper factory body with a lot of go under the hood. Would love to see it when it’s done.

  4. At first I was: great material for hot rod. Then when you showed the condition of it, I am reluctant to do it into hot rod. Glad that I am not the one making this decision.

    But, if you want a vote: restore it.

  5. Love the car ,needs a little chop. Run a first gen hemi like a 354 , all mother mopar drive train ,some big and little tires and some killer paint .

    1. oh YEAH!!! Up grad the brakes to 4 wheel discs and run stock steel centers/hubcaps with 6″f &7.5″ outer portions

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